Aftermath of Hawks Elimination

With the Chicago Blackhawks season ending on Monday with a brutal 4-0 loss to the Coyotes in game 6, Blackhawks players and staff are disappointed with the early end. Members of the media are also discussing whether the Hawks are a disappointment this season or not. It is obvious now, that this team just didn’t have what it took to go all the way.

People are wondering who is to blame for the early exit and what will happen over this summer, who will stay and who will go

With the early exit, people are glad Marian Hossa will have plenty of time to heal from his injury. He missed the most of game 3 and all of games 4-6. Hawks head coach said that the hit on Hossa by Raffi Torres was the turning point of the series.

Even though the Hawks were the more star-studded team who had more points on the season, they couldn’t defeat the Phoenix Coyotes. There are a lot of reasons why the Hawks were knocked out in round one but the main reason was Mike Smith. Mike Smith helped the Phoenix Coyotes win their first playoff series since 1987.

But Mike Smith didn’t do it all, the Blackhawks did it to themselves too. And it didn’t help that a lot of the Hawks’ big stars really didn’t show up to play at all in this series.

But for now all Hawks fan can do it sit and wonder what went wrong.

While many fans are still in shock of the Hawks’ exit, the first place, Vancouver Canucks are just as stunned being beaten by the 8th seed L.A. Kings. For once, the Canucks and Hawks have something in common, they are both out of the playoffs in the first round.

But for some of the Blackhawks, hockey isn’t over. Duncan Keith, Patrick Sharp will complete in the World Hockey Championship on Team Canada. Viktor Stalberg will play for Sweden.  Patrick Kane was offered to play on Team U.S.A but turned it down to get ready for the Hawks next season and focus on that. Captain Jonathan Toews also turned down playing on Canada due to concussion issues he has had this year.

Now, all fans can do it wait until the 2012-2013 season starts in October and hope that some moves were made that will actually help this team in the long run (without a complete roster overhaul) and of course hope Hossa will be back on the ice and make a full recovery.


About Stefanie

I am currently a journalism major at Loyola University Chicago and blogging for my writing for the web class. I love hockey and want to be a sports journalist.

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