Can Stanley Come to Chicago?

Winning the Stanley Cup is considered one of the hardest trophies to win in all of sports. NHL Players play 82 regular season games, followed by four, best of seven, playoffs rounds.

So, what will it take the Chicago Blackhawks to win their second Stanley cup in three years?

First, the Hawks will have to clinch a playoff spot. Barring a huge collapse the Hawks will finish in the fourth, fifth or sixth seed.

Once in the playoffs, anything can happen, but there are some things the Hawks will have to do to win it all.

The goaltending has got to be better, to give goaltenders some credit, the defense has not helped much this season, but they have to come up with the big saves.

The goaltending only needs to be good, since the Hawks have the ability to outscore opponents. But Crawford (or whoever will be the man in the playoffs) needs to come up big when needed.

The Hawks are going to have to tighten up on the defensive end. Their defense has plague them all season long.

If they get the goaltending and defense going, they will have a chance at winning come playoffs.

The Hawks will have to wait and see if they will get Captain Jonathan Toews back from a concussion. If Toews can come back, and he plays the way he did before being injured, their chances will highly increase.

There are two players that are most important to winning the 2012 Stanley Cup and they are Jonathan Toews and Corey Crawford (if he is the goaltender during the playoffs).

If Crawford can play the way he did in last season first round against Vancouver, chances are the Hawks will be just fine. Every team needs to rely on their goaltending to win them games, the Hawks being no exception.

Another important cog for the Hawks is Jonathan Toews. He is their leader and best player. If Toews can come back in full force, the Hawks can do anything.

It will all depend on whether Corey Crawford can play at his best and if the team will get Jonathan Toews back.

The odds are against the Hawks, but anything can happen once the playoffs start, and once the Hawks get into the post season they will have a good of chance as any to win.



About Stefanie

I am currently a journalism major at Loyola University Chicago and blogging for my writing for the web class. I love hockey and want to be a sports journalist.

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