How to get Ready for the Playoffs

The NHL season is almost down to single digits and the playoffs start on April 11.

The Chicago Blackhawks should make it to the post season barring a long losing streak.

The hockey audience is hearing the talk of spring hockey and seeing commercials for the Stanley Cup. The excitement is building.

So how can Hawks fan pass the time until the puck drop of game one?

First, Talk.

Talk about the playoffs. Talk about possible teams the Hawks will play and outcomes.

Just talking about the possible outcomes of the play offs will get any Blackhawks fan pumped up and ready to go.

Second, Reminisce.

The Hawks won the Cup only two years ago, one of the best moments in Chicago hockey.

Remembering the 2010 playoff run will only make the fans want the Cup back and the parade again.

Even remembering last year’s first round series will give hope to fans. Down three games to none, the came back and forced a game seven, and into overtime no less. This feat is even greater because the Hawks were an eight seed playing the President’s Trophy first seed, Vancouver Canucks.

Yes, they lost in overtime, but that series should make fans believe this team can do anything if they put enough effort into it.

Third, represent,

Wear Blackhawks gear and show your support. Just wearing something with an Indian Head on it is support enough.

Fourth, watch the remaining games.

There are some big divisional games coming up for the Hawks. Currently, the Hawks occupy the sixth seed, four points behind Detroit and Nashville. There is a possibility for the Hawks

The last few games will determine what seed the Hawks will have come playoff time, along with their opponent. The Hawks have been playing some good hockey lately; hopefully they can keep it up going into spring hockey.

Fifth, hope.

Hope that the Hawks will get Jonathan Toews back from the concussion that has kept him out of the line up.

Hope they will play Vancouver for the fourth straight year and beat them for the third time.

Hope they can advance to the Stanley Cup finals and ultimately lift the Cup high above their heads.

There is nothing like the NHL playoffs. One can do their best to get ready for the playoffs, but it will be a roller-coaster ride for every team and fan.

So gear up Hawks fan and get ready for the post season.




About Stefanie

I am currently a journalism major at Loyola University Chicago and blogging for my writing for the web class. I love hockey and want to be a sports journalist.

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