Bolland’s Charity

Written by: Caroline Kaszycki

Blackhawks center David Bolland is set to launch a new charity

For the Blackhawks, success isn’t just about the fame. David Bolland, center for the Chicago Blackhawks, is set to launch “The David Bolland Foundation” in 2012.

The foundation is dedicated to helping marginalized and at-risk youth.

Bolland hopes to raise awareness and funds by focusing on three main projects: Chicago’s Beyond the Ball, Toronto’s The Remix Project, and the international disability charity Easter Seals.

In an interview with Red Eye Chicago, David Bolland said, “Chicago gives to us. They come to our games, they treat us like kings in the city, and it’s great for us to help out and give back in any way we can.”

Bolland grew up in a working class neighborhood in Mimico, ON. His passion and commitment to social causes grew out of a strong desire to work hard and take care of the people around him.

David Bolland first became involved with the Chicago community by working closely with the ISSA Family Foundation, participating in various food drives and events throughout the city.

On Dec. 20, 2011, Bolland and teammates Brent Seabrook and Marian Hossa volunteered at a food drive with ISSA to raise more than $20,000 and 8,000 pounds of food for the Chicago Food Depository.

The Remix Project is a program originating in Toronto aimed to help level the playing field for young artists from disadvantaged and marginalized communities that want to pursue careers in the creative industry.

Bolland became an official ambassador for The Remix Project in 2011, and hosted the first annual David Bolland Golf Classic to gain fundraising support for the program.

Beyond the Ball is a Chicago initiative to provide quality sports-based youth development programs to foster leadership.

Bolland believes that providing kids with a safe area to play is the first step toward building a positive culture of opportunity and developing values of social responsibility. They sponsor youth basketball leagues in participating schools throughout the city.

The Easter Seals disability service provides funding for medical services for autism, rehabilitation patients, and military veterans, among others. David Bolland, through the Sledge Hockey Program, wants to support kids with disabilities that have an interest in playing hockey.

For many who have only dreamed about getting into the ice rink, sledge hockey allows them to actively engage in the sport much like wheelchair basketball.  Avril Lavigne also partnered with Easter Seals and takes a closer look at how children with disabilities are looking beyond their limitations and doing what they really love.

You can get involved with any of these programs by visiting David Bolland’s website and getting more information.



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