Why hockey is the best sport

Hockey might not be as popular of a sport compared to football and basketball but it certainly is more entertaining.


There are so many things that make hockey the best sport and something that every person should watch.  It is such a fast paced, non-stop game that nothing compares to hockey.


1. The Goals

What makes hockey special and so different from other sports like basketball is that goals are a huge deal.

In basketball games the score can exceed 100 points, which can get a bit boring. In hockey a team is lucky if they score three goals in a game.

But when a player does score, let the celebration begin. The goal scorer will do a celebration dance or move, each player having his own unique style, some even being really funny.

Then the goal horn sounds, then the music starts.  Each team having it’s own horn and goal song.  There is nothing like the roar of the crowd after the home team scores.


Now, even though goals do not happen as often as other sports, there are plenty of other entertaining aspects to the game.


2. The Stick Handling

In hockey the players can only pass the puck with the sticks, which is definitely harder than it sounds.  But, there are some players in the NHL that are mesmerizing with the puck.  Just check out this video for the proof.


3. The Big Hit and the Fights

Some people think it’s a little barbaric to hit and fight an opposing team’s player, but that’s just not the case.  A player hits someone to get him away from the puck.  Hits can only be made when a player has or just had the puck; otherwise it’s a penalty.  Being psychical is part of the game.

People who do not watch hockey do not understand why there is fighting in hockey.  Most of the time a fight happens because a player is sticking up for a teammate, making it a stand up act and one that is appreciated by the players who are being defended. Other times, the fight is sort of staged, to get ones team into the game and bring some energy, but there is always an amount of respect for the opposition.


4. The Players

The athletes who play hockey are usually not arrogant, they work hard and play hockey because the love the sport.  They rarely make over five million dollars a season, some making around $800,000, compared to other athletes who make over 20 million dollars a season.

They also truly appreciate their fan base and constantly give their all, which is all I fan can ask for.



5. The Trophy

In baseball and in football the trophy goes to management first, which is wrong.  The players are the ones who worked so hard to win the championship and it is only right that they get the trophy first.  In the NHL when the Stanley Cup is won, it is presented to the Captain of the team and passed from teammate to teammate, going to the management last.

Also, if a player never wins the Cup, they never touch it.  A person only touches the Cup when they win, making it that much more special and makes the player work that much harder.


Hockey is a the greatest sport and if your not sure, watch a game and you will see for yourself.


About Stefanie

I am currently a journalism major at Loyola University Chicago and blogging for my writing for the web class. I love hockey and want to be a sports journalist.

One response to “Why hockey is the best sport”

  1. Lauren Rossi says :

    As someone who is unfamiliar with this sport, I feel that this blog post gave great insight as to why a hockey fan loves the game. I really enjoyed the videos that accompanied the blog post.

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